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Thoughtspeed: The Speed of Thought in Free Space

Datum objave: 11.02.2010

Old ideas give way to new ones. Old barriers, sooner or later,
crumble and fade away.

Thoughtspeed: The Speed of Thought in Free Space
by Owen Waters

Old ideas give way to new ones. Old barriers, sooner or later,
crumble and fade away.

One idea that is crumbling today is the idea that nothing in
the universe can go faster than lightspeed. This will be
replaced by a recognition that thought travels millions of
times faster than lightspeed – at the the speed of thought
in free space, or thoughtspeed.

In the early Star Trek series on television, the mission of
the Starship Enterprise was to explore the universe and boldly
go where no one has gone before. The Enterprise was able to
exceed light speed; quite considerably, it would seem, as it
was supposed to have traveled to the edge of the Milky Way
galaxy in just a few hours. The cruising speed actually
required for such a feat is millions of times lightspeed.

Science fiction is often a medium for possibility thinking.
The possibility of humans touring the galaxy and beyond seems
eminently reasonable. After all, human potential is, by design,
unlimited. There is no way in creation that the universe can be
just a set of pretty lights that we never get to explore!

Today, the shift towards recognizing thoughtspeed is just
beginning. Faster-than-light phenomena are being observed by
today's physicists when they see the effects of subatomic
particles communicating with each other. When a subatomic
particle bumps into another one, they become 'friends' and
carry on communicating with each other. The fact that they then
become separated by millions of miles does not reduce their
willingness to communicate. When something happens to one
particle, it lets the other particle know about it and, in
pure empathy, it reacts in a like manner.

We know from the work of insightful pioneers like biologist
Rupert Sheldrake that telepathy works, but how fast does it
work? As thoughts are non-physical, they certainly are not
limited by lightspeed. The question is, how much faster than
light is the speed of thought in free space? It is likely
millions of times faster, and possibly billions of times

In the 1940s, aircraft were limited to the speed of sound
until they found a way through the sound barrier and were then
able to travel at supersonic speeds. One day, when our
spaceship propulsion drives are capable of accelerating ships
to lightspeed, we will find a way for them to break the light

Then, we won't be just looking up at the night sky any more.
We'll be flying through it, going where no one has gone before.

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