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Spiritual Aliveness

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Spiritual aliveness is the result of making your spirituality
the day's number one priority. Achieving this is fairly simple
- as simple as being aware of one or two secrets of the
universe and then setting your intention for each day.

Spiritual Aliveness
by Owen Waters

Spiritual aliveness is the result of making your spirituality
the day's number one priority. Achieving this is fairly simple
- as simple as being aware of one or two secrets of the
universe and then setting your intention for each day.

Life is an expression of your spiritual self. You are here to
gain experience on a grand scale. The small details of daily
existence may not seem important, but they are all threads in
the grand scheme of the life that you, as your inner self,
planned before you were born.

It makes sense, therefore, to begin each day by becoming
charged with the best supply of life energy available. Then
you can make the most of each day's experiences as they
unfold. Life energy, or etheric energy, is the main energy
transmitted by the Sun. The Sun also radiates physical energy,
such as light and heat, but the amount of physical energy
pales in comparison to the amount of life-supporting, etheric
energy which courses through our bodies.

At dawn each day, the Sun brings a great change to your local
environment. The swing from darkness to light at dawn causes a
turbulence in the ethers as the life energy in the atmosphere
reorganizes itself for a day of new activity. Sunrise is the
time of nature's awakening. It is the best possible time to
recharge yourself for each new day of activity.

By beginning your day with a connection to the Sun's energy,
you are actually aligning with the natural system of Creation.
Infinite Being constantly feeds the universe with life energy
in order to maintain all motion in the universe. Infinite
Being sends the energy needed to maintain life through the
central sun of the universe. From there, it works its way
through the central suns of the galaxies and then through the
suns of each solar system. Local suns radiates physical energy
in addition to life energy.

In a world where people's main focus on life comes through
their five physical senses, the Sun takes on a great

The Sun is the closest thing to Infinite Being within our

What better way to start your day, than to breath in the power
of this mighty orb as it awakens you and your surroundings to
the energy of the new day?

Here's how to achieve this, with one simple addition to the
Infinite Being Meditation technique:

On each in-breath, visualize white light, representing life
energy from the Sun, coming into your body via your nostrils.
See this white light as filling your entire body every time
you inhale.

This fills your whole being with extra life energy because
air is a carrier medium for etheric energy. Etheric energy
is highly responsive to directed mental pressure so, once
the air is inside your lungs, the power of your visualization
can be used to direct the life energy to fill your entire
body. The energy will automatically follow your mental

Here is the Infinite Being Meditation technique, revised to
include the life energy charging technique:

1. Focus your attention on the slow, even flow of breath as
it passes in and out of your nostrils.

2. Visualize each in-breath as white light filling your body.
Then, at the top of each in-breath, mentally repeat once the
affirmation "I am Infinite Being."

3. On the out-breath, allow your attention to follow the flow
of air from your nostrils. To induce an immediate calming
effect, slow each out-breath and allow it to take up to twice
as long as each in-breath.

4. Hold the breath out of your body, if possible for as long
as the out-breath. In this quiet space, don't think, just be.
Become quietly aware of thoughts and impressions that may
arise from your inner self. The end of each breath cycle thus
becomes your personal communion space with your inner being.

5. Return to active intention by starting the breath cycle
again at step 1.

Start your twenty-minute meditation and charging session each
day, ten minutes before dawn. If dawn is at, say,
approximately 7:10 am, then you would plan to start your day
with meditation from 7:00 - 7:20 am. Reorganize your daily
schedule around the most important natural event of the day.
The deeper connection to nature is well worth the effort. At
least once a week, check when sunrise occurs by referring to
the news media, or to weather sites such as weather.com.
Then you can be in tune with the greatest cosmic forces of
revitalization that occur each and every day.

Make meditation at dawn your number one priority of the day.
Then everything that follows will be more energized and more
in tune with who you really are.

Energetically, the highlight of every day is dawn. It is truly
a magical time.

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