The Silent Ego

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In today's culture, the word ego is usually applied to
dysfunctional personality traits. If a person is controlling,
obnoxious or throws a temper tantrum, their ego is said to be
to blame.

The Silent Ego
by Owen Waters

In today's culture, the word ego is usually applied to
dysfunctional personality traits. If a person is controlling,
obnoxious or throws a temper tantrum, their ego is said to be
to blame.

Dysfunctional attributes of the ego all spring from the Old
Reality of separation consciousness. Mankind has spent
thousands of years exploring the effects of separation from
other people, separation from other states of consciousness,
and separation from the spiritual source within.

Separation consciousness causes deep-seated fears; fears that
there will not be enough love, land, or resources. From these
fears spring jealousy, greed and aggression. It is little
wonder that, after thousands of years of nightmarish
consequences, mankind is ready to move on to the healing phase
of existence upon Earth.

The emerging New Reality brings heart-centered consciousness.
The keyword of the new consciousness is integration, not
separation. Over the coming decades and centuries, mankind will
find ways to resolve differences and issues of separation in
ways that are inspired by unconditional love and compassion.
Violence may beget violence, but it is based upon the illusion
of lack. Love begets love and, being based upon a very real
component of Creation, it has the real power.

In the Old Reality, priests would work on being in control of
their congregations by berating them with accusations that they
are worthless sinners. These days, some teachers who claim to
be spiritual berate their audiences with accusations that they
have bad ego problems. In fact, they claim, having any ego at
all is bad, bad, bad. People in the audience, even gentle souls
with wonderful hearts, are then supposed to begin to doubt
themselves. After all, they suppose, the allegedly enlightened
teacher must know better than they. And, so, the worm of
control begins to work its way into their minds.

The New Reality is not about power over anyone. It is about
self-empowerment, about power with everyone. The ego of a
spiritual person is not a problem. It is an essential part of
the human system, created expressly by the Creator of all life
in order for it to experience self-consciousness from an
infinite number of viewpoints.

Infinite Being is the all-encompassing consciousness from
which the universe was created. Everything in the universe is
made of consciousness. Just as each snowflake is unique, so is
each person. Your primary purpose in life is to experience life
from one individual, unique point of view.

You cannot cut off a part of yourself. The ego cannot be cast
away and forgotten. It is your essential sense of identity.
Even if someone were successful in casting away a part of
themself, there would come a time when they would have to
retrieve that lost part and integrate it back into themselves
in a healthy, holistic manner.

You are an expression of Infinite Being as it experiences
itself from all possible viewpoints. The best way you can serve
yourself and Infinite Being, the source within us all, is to
live your life to your own, personal, highest potential. And
celebrate who you are, because there is no one exactly like you
in the entire universe.

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