The New Awareness

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In the mid-1960s, the attention of young people took a sudden
turn inwards. It was as if a light switch had turned on. They
suddenly awoke and said,

In the mid-1960s, the attention of young people took a sudden
turn inwards. It was as if a light switch had turned on. They
suddenly awoke and said,

"Oh, yes, I remember now. The answers are to be found within."

The mid-1960s through the mid-1970s were times of inner
searching. The outside world came to be seen as
materially-obsessed and insincere. If there was meaning in
life, it was to be found within.

The spiritual revolution in human consciousness had begun.

In the United States, the 'Baby Boomer' generation refers to
people born between 1946 and 1962. Today, 'boomers' form
one-third of the U.S. population, 14% of which are metaphysical
believers and seekers. These leading-edge thinkers emphasize
inner spirituality and self-expansiveness. Their sense of self
is that of a real, inner self rather than an outwardly-focused,
ego type of self.

The true, inner self is found in silence. The inner self is
who you are. It is your soul. Your inner self is your personal
link to the universe and to its source, Infinite Being. It is
in this silence that you come to realize that everything in the
universe is one, that separation is actually an illusion. In
the light of this inner, soul connection, you also develop your
sense of unconditional love for all of life and all of

Over the years, as the boomers grew into career-making,
home-making and raising families of their own, their attention
became focused upon the demands of the outside world. Their
spiritual awakening appeared to have been put on hold. Instead,
in reality, their spiritual awareness was building strength
while it waited to find expression in the outer world.

By the 1990s, boomers were seeking to express that
spirituality within their lives. In the period 1990-2003, for
example, 25% of British adults in the 30-59 age group
deliberately downshifted. This means that they made voluntary
choices to better their health and family lives, even though
such choices meant earning less money.

The 1990s saw the holistic lifestyle blossom and grow to
include three times more people than before. Mind, body and
spirit became the new mantra of holistic living. If something
is good for your mind, body and spirit, then it is, by
definition, good for the whole you.

The New Awareness today focuses upon gaining inner knowing
through self-realization and self-development. It fosters
spiritual self-reliance without the imposition of standards or
duties by an external authority. With the New Awareness, your
true, inner self is your authority. Your sense of
responsibility becomes powered by love rather than fear. You do
no harm to others because you love your fellow human beings,
not because you fear judgment and punishment. Your spiritual
awareness grows into spiritual adulthood. You no longer need to
be told what to do, how to think, or what your place in life
'should' be.

Each person's inner self is cultivated and treasured for its
uniqueness. There is always potential for self-improvement,
always potential for creating a better life. Along with inner
development, comes a clearer sense of intuition or insight.
Suddenly, with better insight, a person's options in life
become crystal clear. With insight, you easily identify the
best course of action to successfully meet any challenge.

With insight, also comes synchronicity. Life begins to fold
around your envisioned plan of action, supporting it by
providing opportunities and resources just when they are needed
the most.

'Quality of life' is the new standard replacing the old
'standard of living.' Wellbeing of the whole self is paramount.
Helping other people, being of real service to the world, is a
natural desire which unfolds as your sense of inner connection

Your self-esteem is boosted and healed in the knowledge that
every person has a unique gift to offer the world, the
knowledge that you're going to deliver that gift, and that
you're going to love doing it!

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