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The Many Benefits of Meditation

Datum objave: 11.02.2010

The hustle and bustle of today's fast-paced world almost makes
you want to cry out, "Where can I find some peace and quiet?"

The Many Benefits of Meditation
by Owen Waters

The hustle and bustle of today's fast-paced world almost makes
you want to cry out, "Where can I find some peace and quiet?"

Meditation has become a very popular answer to the need for
balance in today's fast-moving society. Meditation was
designed primarily for spiritual development, rather than
mental or physical benefits. However, by nourishing the
spiritual self, its benefits are then reflected throughout the
human mind and body.

Spiritual benefits:

Human beings function on spiritual, mental, emotional and
physical levels, with each level impressing the next. Your
soul impresses your mind and helps you to choose your beliefs
about reality. These beliefs then channel your thoughts into
patterns which fit into that view of reality. Your thoughts
feed into your emotions, and your emotions affect the
well-being of your physical form.

It makes sense, therefore, to see that the root of the human
tree, your spiritual self, is given the best possible

Through meditation you contact the most real part of you.
This part is the spiritual source which existed before your
physical body was formed. Through contact with that reality,
the essence of your soul, you become more identified with
that inner you. Your inner self is who you really are. Then,
you begin to realize more of your potential because you are
able to identify what that potential is.

Your soul is the fountain of wisdom within you. It has access
to all information in the universe because it is consciously
connected to the entire universe. Your soul is your personal
connection to Infinite Being.

Through contacting your inner self, you become more aware of
your greatest inner joy. When you follow that innermost joy,
you consciously resonate with your soul and manifest your
true potential in life. This inner resonance enhances your
intuition, making you more capable of choosing the best
options in life. This increases the synchronicity in your
life as you have then achieved a natural flow which is more
in harmony with the universe around you.

Mental benefits:

Living in the now is a spiritual practice and a habit which
requires mental attention. By focusing on the now, you bring
inner issues under control. Your belief system says that you
cannot change the past, and that you can only change the
future by acting in the present. It is therefore the "now"
which holds the key to effective action. When past-related
regrets or future-related worries are brought into the now,
they can be experienced, examined for what they are, and then
acted upon.

Meditation is well-known for producing increased mental
clarity. Greater concentration and creativity are produced,
as well as greater memory. The expression of creativity is one
of the great natural joys in life, one which appears more and
more as you follow your true path through life.

Emotional benefits:

The more you contact your inner self, the more you understand
who you really are. This brings forth a balanced sense of
self-esteem, one which relies upon your true self rather than
the judgments of others.

Inner strength is awakened. This is a calm and self-assured
strength, one which helps you face stress and anxiety with
renewed energy and poise.

With stress under control, your capacity for happiness is
naturally expanded.

Physical benefits:

Meditation provides a deep form of rest that works wonders for
the human nervous system. This increases the human capacity
for managing stressful situations and provides a sense of
increased energy for handling all aspects of daily living.

Meditation brings the body, mind, emotions and spirit into
harmony. Disease is a word meaning "dis-ease," literally a
form of discord which reflects from the emotions onto the
physical body. Extensive research projects have produced valid
claims for meditation helping control many ailments, including
hypertension, anxiety and panic attacks.

With as many benefits as these, it is little wonder that
meditation has become such a popular tool in helping people
cope with today's fast-paced world.

The Infinite Being Meditation technique is designed for the
ultimate in spiritual results, yet it reflects its benefits
throughout your entire system, nourishing your mental,
emotional and physical bodies.

Make meditation your daily haven of spirituality in today's
noisy world. In no time at all, your morning meditation
session will become the highlight of your day.

For a full description of the Infinite Being Meditation
technique, visit the InfiniteBeing.com web site or
follow this link:


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href="http://www.infinitebeing.com/0405/ibmeditation.htm"> Infinite Being

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