Guru is Dead

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Once in a while, when reading English history, you come across
the statement,

"The King is dead! Long live the King!"

Guru is Dead
by Owen Waters

Once in a while, when reading English history, you come across
the statement,

"The King is dead! Long live the King!"

At first glance, it sounds like one of those oxymorons; an
apparently contradictory statement like, a "deafening silence,"
an "exact estimate," or "reality television."

What is meant, is that the old king has just died and been
succeeded by the heir to the throne. So, the second part of the
message, " Long live the King," refers to the new king.

Many spiritual seekers have witnessed decades of decline in
the hierarchical, Old Reality concept of leadership. As The
Shift progresses, more and more people look within for the
ultimate guidance rather than giving their power away to
self-styled leaders and gurus. Therefore, an appropriate
statement for the concepts that apply to these times is;

"Guru is dead. Long live self-empowerment."

Guru worship is a currently-outmoded concept based upon the
idea of hierarchies of power and control. The system of
hierarchy was developed in medieval times when the leaders were
those who had, basically, slaughtered their way to the top and
then created a hierarchical caste system in order to choke off
the competition and exploit as many peasants as possible.
Today, in place of a feudal system of rulers and peasants, we
have a self-empowered middle class in nations which are
represented by elected public servants.

Hierarchy, as a concept, is becoming rapidly redundant. In the
New Reality, the concept of guru-ism is dying and, yet, the
need for education and training still remains.

Enter the concept of the facilitator.

A facilitator is a specialist who helps you achieve a
specialized goal in education and/or self-development. Their
task is to provide you with the resources that you need from
them. Once you have gained the desired knowledge and/or skill,
there is no need to remain with the facilitator because the
task is now complete.

With your upgraded knowledge and skills, you will have
acquired greater abilities and more personal empowerment than
before. The next time you desire more training, it will likely
be in a different specialty and, therefore, with a different
specialist acting as your facilitator.

You could say that every non-fiction author or speaker is a
facilitator because each one teaches their specialty. For
example, because I have a wide range of interests, I have
several partly-read books by different experts in their fields
laying on my desk. Sometimes, because they're all so much fun
to read, I have difficulty deciding which book to finish next.

Right now, I'm in the middle of reading:

1. "The Presence Process" by Michael Brown, which is a
meditative self-healing technique.

2. The latest, tenth book in the Kryon series, "A New
Dispensation" by Lee Carroll. His books just keep getting
better and better.

3. An old copy of the 1953 classic, "Flying Saucers Have
Landed" by George Adamaski, an early UFO contactee who, at the
time, took the closest-ever photographs of a UFO using a
powerful telescope. As a genuine contactee who became widely
known to the public in the 1950s, his story and his character
were widely attacked by those who didn't want the public to
become aware of their own cosmic neighbors.

4. Laurence Gardner's "Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark"
provides fascinating insights into both Biblical history and
some current-day possibilities for enhanced longevity.

5. "Same Soul, Many Bodies" by seasoned hypnotherapy
researcher Brian Weiss discusses the fascinating subject of
future-life progression. Past-life regression into previous
incarnations was accidentally discovered by early
hypnotherapists. Later, an even more surprising discovery
emerged, which sparked research into future-life progression:
Unconsciously, people know a lot about their own future

6. Last, but not least, "Astronomy for Dummies." Just my kind
of book.

I do love to explore, and these specialists lead me along the
pathways to knowledge that they have discovered.

Centuries ago, when people lacked the education and personal
development that they have today, there was a place for
unquestioning obedience to a guru. Times have changed: The New
Reality is a very different place from the Old Reality.

Today, unquestioning obedience to a power outside of yourself
prevents the very spirit of inquiry that you need in order to
become self-empowered. While you can always seek out
facilitators to help you acquire specialized skills, the best
answers to your questions will always come from within you.

Your inner being is your complete being. It encompasses all
aspects of your mind. Your inner being includes your conscious
awareness, the vast resources of your subconscious memories and
the connectedness of your soul to your spiritual source and the
entire universe. The best expert in the world on your
particular situation is your own inner being.

Encourage communication with your inner being. Listen when its
whisperings of intuition float subtly into your awareness.

Keep a log of all hunches, whether you follow them or not.
Then, when you review them at a later date, you will see, to
your amazement, how accurate they can become with just a little

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