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Creation vs. Evolution

Datum objave: 11.02.2010

Life is hard. Species can die. In fact, the human race would
have died long ago if it weren't for the fact that our bodies
are designed to adapt to a constantly changing environment.

Creation vs. Evolution
by Owen Waters

Life is hard. Species can die. In fact, the human race would
have died long ago if it weren't for the fact that our bodies
are designed to adapt to a constantly changing environment.

Evolution could be called adaptation, because the ability to
adapt is the one feature that keeps all life upon Earth alive
and functioning. In the laboratory, it has been noted that a
frog can be heated in a beaker of water to a degree that would
normally be fatal, but it remains alive because it has had the
time to adapt to the increasing temperature. Had the frog been
suddenly exposed to water of such high temperature, it would
have been unable to survive.

Charles Darwin, the pioneer of evolution theory, was a trained
minister of religion as well as a naturalist. He thought long
and hard about releasing his findings about the natural
evolution of the species because he was keenly aware of the
materialistic element in society which would use this
information against religion. He was right, of course.

Others used his work to claim that there was no need for
divine selection when natural selection occurs automatically.
They have since gone on to claim that all life could have
risen from prehistoric sludge completely by accident. What
they don't even begin to explain, however, is the existence
of consciousness in all of this.

Consciousness is necessary for natural selection and
adaptation to occur. If you move from a hot climate to a
cold climate, you will adapt to the new environment,
but first you had to have the consciousness to decide
upon the move.

What is consciousness? It is certainly more than a few
electrical signals bouncing around inside a brain.
Computers can mimic some limited aspects of the brain
such as human logic, but they are not self-aware.
There isn't a computer in the world that can think for
itself. Computers just follow sets of preset rules, and
they do so as quickly as possible.

Beneath all forms of consciousness is awareness. A sense of
being is fundamental to all life because all life is
constructed from consciousness. Even a solid object like
a rock is composed of original thought and original feeling
set into motion. All of life is contained within the
consciousness of the original Creator, including the
prehistoric sludge from which the first biological cells
were formed.

Materialistic science today is in a cul-de-sac.
There is no way forward for branches of science which
fail to include consciousness in their theories.
Consciousness is the most fundamental aspect of life.
You can't have a universe without it.

Human beings were originally designed and then evolved
within the framework of a conscious universe, one created
and developed by the original Creator. It took billions of
years for planets to form and biological life to emerge and
evolve, but remember this: Time is a creation of the Creator.

The Creator does not have to wait billions of years to see a
biological process emerge. Everything happens in the now,
just in different parts of the tapestry of time, which the
Creator sees as a whole.

The whole design, inception, development and evolution of the
universe is happening right now, within that overview, as
seen by the original Creator. A little tweak here and there
along the timeline can produce a perfect rendition of any form
of biological life. Life is too interesting to create in one
big bang and then just watch it unfold, as if on auto-pilot.
Life is a work in progress, a true work of art, and the
Creator has the ability to make adjustments at any point
along the timelines.

Science today searches for answers, but what it really needs
is a valid search path. Life did not begin by accident.
It began by design. Those branches of science which include
the presence of consciousness will find the answers that
they seek when they include the existence of original
consciousness and intelligent design in their search.

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